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I have devoted over twenty-five years supporting those in their quest for improved health and well being and am thrilled to say that the science is now “catching up” with the exercise. We know in many instances exercise and physical activity provide benefits the same or greater than some drugs, but without the side effects of drugs. Physical activity and exercise are mandatory life choices for those who want to continue to “play” throughout their lifespan and to also have a say in how they age.

Every client is unique and I believe requires a unique approach to wellness! As an Exercise Physiologist, I am interested in the whole body and how a program specific to individual needs, can bring all parts into harmony.   Fitness/wellness has always been my passion and to that end, I believe that one only reaches their full potential through an active lifestyle.

I am committed to helping you learn how to reach your full potential by teaching you how to incorporate a training program into your life. Learn how to take charge of your health and live with strength, energy and confidence right up to the end!

What can an Exercise Physiologist do for you?

As a CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) Exercise Physiologist, I will administer various testing protocols that will enable me to determine your level of fitness. This information will then be used in the design of a training program specifically suited to your goals and needs.

All training programs are based on a holistic approach to health, incorporating all components of fitness to guide the body back into balance. Diet Analysis and Counseling can also be provided during your training package.

Recent research into exercise reveals that most chronic conditions (Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc.) can all greatly benefit from the consistency of specific exercise training. My background has prepared me extensively to help you take the guesswork out of your training and provide you with a prescription for exercise that can still be an enjoyable experience.

Fitness Assessment

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Nutritional Assessment

Get a Nutritional Assessment to give you the tools to integrate healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Personal Training

Achieve your health and fitness goals! You can do it with the right motivation, expertise and science based techniques for strength, health and rehabilitation.


Functional Stren...

Functional Strength & Flexibility

This class will incorporate strength, using our own bodyweight, as well as other forms of resistance. Also included will be cardio drills, and flexibility. Various tools will be used such as foam rollers and dynabands. Yoga stretches will be incorporated as well. Other equipment will be added as participant’s progress.

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Weight Workout

Weight Workout

Build bone density; increase your overall strength, tone and energy with a weight workout. Training with weights is also an important component to maintaining a healthy body weight as we age. Core training, flexibility, balance and cardio drills will be incorporated into class. Please bring you’re your Yoga mat, water bottle and indoor sneakers. Max 15

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TRX & Cardio

TRX & Cardio

TRX-CORE-LOGO-two_colorSuspension Training (your feet remain on the floor!) using your own bodyweight to develop strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility, and the best abs you have ever had! We will also use various tools in combination with the TRX (example: Kettle bells, BOSU etc) to round out the workout. Cardio drills are added to workout. Please bring your water bottle and indoor sneakers. Max 8

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Pilates Posture-...

Pilates Posture-Functional Flow

With the progression of time, the muscles that hold us in good posture can weaken; this class will build endurance in those muscles which provide you with good posture, whether standing still, moving or being seated. If you suffer from back, neck, knee or hip problems, this class will provide you with the training to support those areas. There is an emphasis on training in a balanced progression and cueing for proper alignment and breathing technique. Balance and core training are other important components that are trained in class. Modifications are provided for those who are new to class or for those with injuries. Please bring your own Yoga mat and water bottle.

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This class will focus solely on a flow of Yoga postures with the intent of moving the body through a complete balanced flow. This flow will invigorate the body and calm the mind. Relaxation will end the class. All levels welcome. Please bring your own Yoga mat and water bottle.

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Pilates Foam Rol...

Pilates Foam Roller and ball rolling

Essential Pilates movements are performed on the foam roller, providing a focus on good posture, and alignment as well as core training. Exercises performed on the foam roller provide a “massage” for the body which increases lymphatic drainage and promotes overall relaxation. Please bring your own mat and a water bottle.

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Pilates on the B...

Pilates on the Ball!

In this class we use the stability & core ball along with various other props. Your stability, balance and flexibility will all be worked in this class along with getting the best abs you have ever had. This class can accommodate all levels and is particularly good for those with back problems. Come and see if you are up for the challenge. Please bring your own mat and water bottle.

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What People Are Saying

When a physiotherapist recommended Sherry to me, I sought her out. Sherry’s background in kinesiology enables her to understand and deal with my issues. Since working with Sherry I have lost weight, and am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been! 

Michele Fash

The body awareness that I have now in all aspects of my life is mind blowing. I love the way I
look and feel. Thank you Sherry you are amazing!!!

Jill Colwell, Classical Dressage Rider
Salon Owner/ Hair Colorist

While I was golfing last week a friend of mine said, “The improvement in your golf game is so significant  since you have been doing TRX that it makes me want to take TRX.”

Brenda Upton, Vice President Underwriting & Loss Prevention
King's Mutual Insurance Company

Every single session I come out feeling ‘worked’ in every body part—in a good way. And the next day I can tell that I am actually stronger. […] This summer, on an annual hiking trip to the Rockies, I did hikes that I haven’t done in 15 years, and did them easily.

Marlene Snyder, Biology Professor
Acadia University

Since starting a focused training program, I am stronger and less tired. My training has helped me to realize a higher level of confidence and I am happier and calmer. Life is good!

Joan Coldwell, Retired Nurse

I feel better, I look better and I carry myself with more confidence. And people have noticed!! Sherry does not work you beyond your capabilities, but she challenges you to challenge yourself and no one is more pleased than she is when you succeed!! Thanks to Sherry, I am physically and mentally enjoying my retirement.

Barb Kennedy

My increased strength and flexibility have added at least 10 yards to my drive and improved my swing from start to finish. But, best of all, my stronger core feels awesome!

Sonya Major, Professor and Golfer
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